Simply wipes out any secondary contamination.

JATI OFE Surface Steriliser

It is possible in mould remediation that spores become detached from the infested surfaces, become airborne and contaminate the surrounding areas in this way. This is referred to as secondary contamination. The surface steriliser has a low concentration and yet it is highly effective so that all bacteria are killed completely.

You can use JATI OFE Surface Steriliser on concrete, plaster and many other surfaces. The biocidal effectiveness is based on active oxygen. A pleasant side effect: the active oxygen decomposes when mixed with water and oxygen. JATI OFE Surface Steriliser can even be used in sensitive areas – such as children’s rooms or bedrooms – because it leaves no harmful residues.


Spray or wipe it on and you’ll always be thrilled.

JATI OFE Surface Steriliser can be applied in a spraying or wiping process (for smooth surfaces). The consumption rate is approx. 100 ml / m² and higher for extremely absorbent surfaces. Due to the small amounts of active ingredient of less than 2% hydrogen peroxide, JATI OFE Surface Steriliser is not a hazardous substance and is therefore easy to apply. We recommend a reaction time of 30 minutes. Suitable surfaces include the following:

Plaster, concrete, wood, tiles and many more.

Areas of application:

It doesn’t tidy children’s rooms but it makes them clean.

Living rooms, commercial premises, sensitive areas like bedrooms and children’s rooms, kitchens, the food processing industry and many more.


No second chance for spores and bacteria.

  • Disable the germination capacity of spores
  • No chlorine, alcohols, aldehydes, quaternary ammonium compounds
  • Easy to apply (JATI OFE Surface Steriliser is not a hazardous substance)
  • Also effective against coliform bacteria


JATI OFE Surface Steriliser is registered and recorded with the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) and the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) as a marketable biocidal product in the product categories 2 and 4.

Technical approval

Our products do not require technical approval because they are not regarded as building products. This is also confirmed by the German Institute for Building Technology.

Package sizes:

10 l (Canister)