So that everything that needs to move in a room can do.

JATI Protect Masking Agent

The residues of dead spores, particles and mould constituents can be found on rough surfaces, such as wood or plaster, even after the remediation. In order to prevent their release into the ambient air, we have developed JATI Protect Masking Agent, an effective fixing agent that forms a widespread film based on potassium silicate. This forms a strong bond with the treated surface and there it permanently binds the remaining bacteria, spores etc. This adhesive effect ensures that nothing moves any longer – from the spores to the mould constituents.


With a little pressure for emphatic success.

We recommend using a low pressure sprayer for the application (max. 1.5 bar). The consumption rate is approx 100 – 150 ml / m2 and is largely determined by the type and quality of the infested surface. JATI Protect Masking Agent can be applied with a brush or roller depending on the conditions on site – and onto a variety of materials:

Organic surfaces (e.g. wood, wood composite, plasterboard etc.) and mineral surfaces (e.g. plaster, concrete etc.)

Areas of application:

Very easily and simply everywhere.

Areas of any kind, sensitive living areas, such as children’s rooms and bedrooms, roof timber and cavity remediation


JATI Protect Masking Agent even sticks in your mind.

  • Prevents the release of spores, particles and mould constituents into the ambient air
  • Good adhesion to organic and inorganic surfaces
  • Flexible to use (application with a spray device, brush or roller)
  • Forms a strong bond with the treated surfaces

Technical approval

Our products do not require technical approval because they are not regarded as building products. This is also confirmed by the German Institute for Building Technology.

Package sizes:

10 l (Canister)