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JATI 2KDS Cavity Foam System

The JATI 2KDS Cavity Foam System is a disinfection system based on active oxygen and consists of two components: the 2K disinfectant foam and the foam stabiliser. JATI 2KDS is primarily used in the case of water damage of any kind: for example, in areas that the JATI EDD Screed Insulation Flushing System cannot be used for structural reasons.

This may be insulating layers under screed, but also contaminated edge joints or floor slabs. The foam inserted there is initially surface-active and then disintegrates automatically. Mould, spores, bacteria and coliform bacteria also disappear with the foam because they are all killed with the utmost reliability.


From 1 to 80 in no time at all.

The 2KDS cavity foam system is extremely effective in its effect and at least as efficient in its consumption: up to 80 litres of highly effective disinfectant foam can be produced in no time at all from 1 litre of the concentrated mixture – depending on the desired consistency. The ready mixture of JATI 2KDS is then pressed into the infested cavities using a foaming device (e.g. INDU-MATIC 20 M from JATI). The reaction time is 30 minutes.

Areas of application:

Also works in areas where you can’t see anything.

Cavities (sprung floors, shafts etc.), insulating layers under screed, edge joints, floor slabs and many more.


  • Kills mould, spores, bacteria and coliform bacteria effectively
  • No chlorine, hypochlorite, alcohols, aldehydes, quaternary ammonium compounds
  • Also reduces odours
  • Desired foam (flow behaviour, durability) can be individually adjusted

Technical approval

Our products do not require technical approval because they are not regarded as building products. This is also confirmed by the German Institute for Building Technology.

Package sizes:

Double packs 10 / 19  l (canister)