A unique success story. And twice that.

Our history

The story of JATI began in 1984 – and in 1985. What sounds rather ambivalent is the development of two independent companies, which decades later resolutely combined their entire experience into one brand: JATI GmbH under the leadership of Guido Beckmann.

The two companies were founded just a year apart and in both cases, family played an important role. Inspired by his father’s trading company for chemical products, Guido Beckmann built up his know-how in the area of cleaning and disinfection at an early stage.

JATI, on the other hand, was jointly founded by the Jakobi and Tielke families. Launched as a mail order company, JATI developed its first mould remediation products in 2004 based on hydrogen peroxide and fruit acids, and therefore made the right choice early on before uniting with Guido Beckmann’s expertise in 2019.